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Monday, November 28, 2005

All shawls all the time

I finished Teri's swap scarf while still digesting turkey on Thursday, and so Friday morning I started the full sized Seraphim.

The yarn is really interesting. It was the annonymous cone of wool blend* that I bought on e-bay and have gotten much use out of. I had dyed it with Berry Blue kool aid, and because of the man-made fiber content it dyed in a very mottley way. It's really pretty actually, but I look at it sometimes and think it's too gray, and sometimes I look at it and think it's too bright of a blue. Kind of depends on the light it's in.

All the crazy knitting was facilitated by the fact that I had NOTHING to do, and a really interesting book.

I went to my Uni library to check out "The History of Hand Knitting" by Richard Rutt and left with 5 books that caught my eye. This one sounded really interesting, and it hasn't disappointed. It's called "No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting" I will do a review when I get done with it. It's sparking a lot of reflecting on my own knitting. There was a very odd moment where she was relating primary source quotes about knitting while reading and I just then realized that I was knitting and reading at the same time. Very strange, but I got alot of smiles this weekend because of this book.

I hope all Americans had a good time stuffing their faces. I'll probably have a turkey leftover recipe tomorrow for you all. :)


*for some reason I thought it was wool, but then I did a wool test on it with bleach, and found it's only about 40-50% natural fiber... which explains the mottled way it dyed. I kind of like it though.

*edit* And I forgot to add that I'm sorry my other pics are wacked out... that server seems to be failing and I'll hopefully get some new server space soon and move all the pics over there.