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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things for which to be Thankful.

I originally put "Things to be thankful for" as the title, but then it bugged me so much to have a hanging preposition that I had to change it.

So, in list form... here are some little things for which I am grateful.

1. The feel of alpaca yarn slipping through my fingers as I wind it into a ball.
2. Hot water running over my fingers when I wash my hands.
3. Being able to go to the refridgerator and have options of what to eat.
4. Bare feet on hardwood floors.
5. Snuggling into bed with 3 quilts on top of me.
6. Foot massages from C.
7. Black and White Photos.
8. Whoever decided to put Thanksgiving holiday on a Thursday, because there's no way Americans are coming back to work on a Friday after having a Thursday off.

Have a lovely break! If I have access to a photo cropping program, I may still post HNT tomorrow, but if not, I'll either see you all in text only over the weekend, or back in full force on Monday, hopefully with some FO's.