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Monday, November 14, 2005

Form of a List with Pictures

This entry will be in list form because I lack the coherancy to tie things together.

1. This is what is getting me through today. My sinuses have decided that there's no half-assed measures with this drainage stuff, so my nose-faucet is totally off or "HIGH powered wash" alternately. I'm fighting it off with a Vitamin C and Antioxidant overdose. (That's what the cranberry juice and pomegranate seeds are for. For an awesome post about Pomagranates, visit Lolly's blog! By the way, I'm drinking the Cranberry Juice straight out of the bottle.

2. As you probably notced in the first picture, I've finished Drew's socks. I planned on writing something interesting about the Afterthought heel, but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow when I feel more "with it"

Yarn: Meilenweit Multiringel
Needles: Size 1 Clover Takumi Bamboo Double Points
Pattern: My own including calf shaping, wedge toe, and afterthought heel. Size for Men's size 11 feet. Cuff and instep worked in K3P2 ribbing.
Gauge: 9 spi
Verdict: They're not for me, so I can't say they fit well... The yarn is not the softest, but I have a feeling it will soften upon washing and I think I'll give them a bath and a bit of a block before I send them off. They're for Christmas for my brother Andrew.

3. The red ball there is for the Plethora Of Mittens™ project. I've started a pair (as you can see, I'm working both of them at the same time so I don't have to write down the pattern), and I wound that centerpull this morning on a glue stick because I realized too late (after I'd already left for work) that I hadn't wound them off and I was out of knitting.

4. If you've ever thought of designing your own sweaters, read this post at spinningwheel.net. It talks about how to design a sweater that will actually flatter you and what to keep in mind. Ladies! Stop selling your body short! She wrote it with larger women in mind, but I think it could go for us smaller women just as easily. It's surely something I will think about before I design my own sweaters now.