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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Admitting defeat

I admit it, I'm ridiculously crazy. It was absurd for me to think that I could keep my sanity and still make a million little mittens for my nieces and nephews, AND knit the IK piece (the yarn for which showed up yesterday), AND finish the other Christmas gifts I've got on deck, AND finish the scarf swap scarf. These mittens will eventually be graced with thumbs and go into a donation box for needy kids, because they sure as hell won't fit my nephew and his chubby hands.

So this morning I opened my mailbox (the stand alone kind with multiple boxes for all the tenants in a complex) and it was so frigidly cold that I couldn't get the damn thing closed again. I banged on it and nearly broke the door off before I conceded that it would just have to stay open. My anal-retentive mail man will just have to deal with it. Maybe he can close it himself.... stupid man who marks a change in zip code on my mail so hard that he tears the envelope. Stupid man.... *grrrr*