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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I've "LOST" it.. hehe *snort*

So I've been the round on the blogs. Seen people talk about LOST. And I, being the not-having-TV-chic that I am, thought "Oh, it must be like soap operas, really crappy, but once you watch, they've got you hooked and these people must be some sort of brainwashed TV zombies to be so addicted."

Well, here is my public apology. Because LORD ALMIGHTY! I went to my Brother in law's apartment after work yesterday and they were watching the first season on DVD. I thought "Eh, something to knit to." Oh no, my friends, this stuff is Crack oozing from your TV screen! The way they've paced each episode is sheer brilliance! It's designed to keep you freaking out and willing to hurt babies to see the next one. I nearly killed Celesta (my BIL's cat) when she ran off with one sock and made me miss a part while I fetched it back before she ate a hole through it.

I am *this close* to making friends with someone who DOES get TV just to watch it every week, but not until I see the episodes I've missed up to the present. Sheesh, like I really need another addiction.