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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Preface: I'm feeling very negative lately, and wanting to kill the collective who thought it was a good idea to set up the Uni's new system the way it is, and whoever decided that we should only get paid once a bloody month, and whoever made deadlines when 3 different big things are due on the same day. So that's why I haven't been blogging regularly... I just don't like being negative on this blog. So in an attempt to better my mood, I'm about to wax poetic.

There are many things I dislike about this time of year, the slippery sidewalks, the bitter cold that seeps through 2 layers of socks, a wool coat, a sweater, a long sleeved shirt and an undershirt without a second thought and chills you to the bone so that the only solace to be found is in a hot bath. But it's easy to forget all of those things when I sit at a window with my nose pressed to the glass, watching the snow fall. I love how falling snow deadens all other sounds. I can sit in my bed and know that the snow is coming down because I can't hear the busy road outside of my window. I love the way the city lights will brighten the whole sky, even in the dead of night because they're reflecting off the drifting flakes. I love the way it blankets the baren and brown world under a glistening crust of tiny ice crystals.

I love sitting inside with a steaming cup of tea, just HOPING that it snows 3 feet in one night like it did 3 years ago so I can stay home and knit all day. There is an awesome but silent power in a snowstorm, inexorable. Someone could be freezing to death underneath it and it will just keep falling, cruel and unmoved. Not violent like a thunderstorm, heart stopping and then gone in a flash, it moves slowly, heavily, dragging on and on... covering the whole sky, not to be burned off by something so feeble as the sun.

I love it and I hate it at the same time. I resent the winter sky for not giving me enough of my precious sunshine, but I love the way snow covers the leafless trees. My favorite part about winter is hoarfrost. When fog has descended on the valley and then the cold right before sunrise makes the water condense on every twig and blade of grass and then the sun burns the fog off and the tree-lined streets of my city are turned into a glistening sugar-crystal wonderland for only a few minutes until the sun begins to melt the frost. It's times like those that the camera in my head clicks and I get a memory to keep with more depth than a photo could ever take. I feel the chill on my cheeks and the numb creeping into my toes. I hear the crackle of the ice just before it drops from the trees. Such a beautiful place, with the tree studded snow covered mountains as a backdrop. Those moments make me never want to leave.