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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In the form of a list

1- Beth has finished an Adamas shawl! Check it out! Yay Beth!

2- I love trading stuff! I worked out a trade with Norma. A book for some sock yarn. Woot!

3- My sister cut my hair last night... now it's down to the bottoms of my shoulder blades instead of the top of my bum. It's WAAY lighter and so my neck doesn't hurt as much when I pull it back. I have REALLY thick hair. My tightly braided hair and my wrist are about the same thickness.

4- Geri's socks are going swimmingly. I had a minor road bump when the second sock's heel was wigging out, but for some reason still unexplained I ended up with 34 stitches for that heel instead of 36 like I had on the other one. Everything else is the same... it's just 2 sts short, but it doesn't matter becuase the heels came out with the same number of sts after turning anyway... so they basically match and they'll be fine. Here's the progress.

The heels are both turned and I've begun the gussets. I haven't worked on these as much as I would have liked to because a million other things have gotten in the way. They will probably need blocking though (my first socks to do so). See the lumpiness?

The lace pattern just puckers a bit right now. I think a wee wash and pat will do it wonders.

5- Work is agrivating me, so we shall not speak of it, m'kay? All I will say is that working for a state-funded University sucks ass.

6- I am proud that I've only cursed once in this post. It required a boatload of restraint.