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Monday, January 09, 2006

Prize winner!

Thanks everyone for playing along with the naming contest. I had a lot of fun reading all the entries. Some of them were quite creative! I have to say that there was a clear winner though. In my mind and C's as well. When we read it, we both thought it was perfect. And the winner is:

Carole with "Mimiquin"

And what does Carole win? A handmade book! It's more of a purse or pocket journal. It's about 5.5" tall and just over 4" wide, with LOTS of pages! Click for larger pics.

I was trying something new for me that was actually inspired by the cover of AlterKnits. I looked at it and said "Hey! I could do something like that!" And I did :) I'll be experimenting with other edges in the future... and probably alot of other cool stuff. I'm working on an idea for a patchworked cover. Hard to describe, but it should be cool.

Knitting is progressing well... I'd take a pic, but I want to get this posted before I got to lunch, so I won't bother. Hopefully tomorrow. Geri's socks are both at the heel (I typed hell at first... wonder if I'm getting frustrated with how slowly the heel flap is working up on Size 1's). And I started a pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs for C this weekend. The 1's on the socks were just too much to handle all weekend long, since my shoulder was tight and not cooperative. Feeling a bit better today... probably from the 1.5 hour long massage C gave me last night. Bless you, you wonderful wonderful man!


p.s. Carole send me your address!!!