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Monday, April 17, 2006

Finished socks, mine and others'

Check out Jessica's finished Razor Shell socks! They're great Jessica!

And I finished a pair of socks myself this weekend. This is my Mom.

And these are her socks :)

Yarn: Mountain Colors Barefoot (60% Superwash Wool/25% Mohair/15% Nylon) in the Winter Sky colorway.
Pattern: Made up as I went, with 2 socks knitted at the same time on 2 sets of dpns. k3, p1 ribbing at the top, slip stitch reinforced heel, and wedge toe.
Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm) Crystal Palace 6" Bamboo Double Points (my FAVORITE dpns!)
Gauge: I honestly don't remember, but probably aobut 8 spi.
Verdict: I thought the barefoot was a wee bit scratchy at first to knit with... but I decided it would probably soften after washing, but then I was mostly done and I tried on the sock and OMG! I HAD to buy some more of this yarn for a pair for me! They're FABULOUS! Very warm, and it just snuggles your foot. Like how a cat pressed against your thigh feels so good and nice and warm, like that, but wrapping your feet. FAN.TAS.TIC! Mom likes them too, so that's good ;)

I've started another Mountain Peaks Shawl, but this time in a VERY tiny yarn (I think it is probably classified as cobweb weight) that I got from Andie at Renaissance Dyeing in France. (She's very nice!) It's crewel embroidery thread, but it's wool and can also be used for cobweb weight yarn. It's all dyed with natural products too. The green that I got is beautiful and deep because it was dyed with Madder and then overdyed with Indigo. I'm knitting it on US Size 1's! LACE!! ON 1's!! But it's turning out very pretty indeed, even though it will take a VERY long time.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on Icarus! You made my VERY happy day :)