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Monday, October 24, 2005

blahdiblahdiblah... can't come up with a title....

Aiden's surgery went really well! And thank you all muchly for the well wishes! The doctor used the words "textbook perfect" and Aiden was a bit pissed that he's having a hard time getting around, but he's not in much pain, and other than being kind of bored since he can't crawl around, he's doing very well.

Watching Tanis was kind of crazy though. He's very cute, but I wasn't his mother and he insisted on being held to sleep. Whenever I tried to put him down to... you know... eat... use the restroom, whatever... he made his objections known. Yes, I probably spoiled him and should have just let him cry, but Jeez! That's so hard! Babies are so cute and I just hate to hear them cry and see their faces get all scrunched up and red and all the wild flailing of limbs. But I was physically and mentally exhausted by Saturday evening when I got home. I had a meltdown on Saturday night along with an epiphany that's way too personal to share here, if you care to know, you can e-mail me and I'll probably tell you. But yeah... despite taking Sunday to care for myself and do a whole lot of nothing, I'm still feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Had one huge mug of tea this morning and I think I may need another 5 to get through the day. At least that will break up the monotony with constant bathroom breaks, right?

I did manage to finish the Latvian socks, and here they are in all their subtle stripey goodness.

My archless feet in too small socks (Mom is a size 7.5 and I'm 8.5)

Pattern: Latvian Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Trekking XXL, sock weight yarn in color 77 (I think).
Needles: US Size 1 clover bamboo dpns
Modifications: I took one repeat out of the leg as suggested in the pattern because I was worried about not having enough, but in the end it's better as my mother is short and has short legs. I also did use the provisional cast on instead of picking up stitches from a normal cast on for the picot edge. This is suggested in the pattern, but not until AFTER it tells you to cast on normally, work the whole edge AND pick up stitches from the cast on.
Verdict: I'm very happy with them. They're probably brighter than I would like to wear, but since they're for my mom, it's ok. I love the way the yarn subtley striped though. It's got alot of cool greens that are not very obvious in the skein. Size 1's made it a bit painful what with the wrist nastiness not having completely disipated, but all said and done, a very good knit! Good to have Socktoberfest to keep me on track too.