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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Socks to knit and not much else.

Well, after work I'm leaving for Salt Lake City, where I will watch this cute little guy.

That's Tanis, with my amazingly beautiful sister Laura in the background. Laura's nearly-2 year old Aiden is having surgery at Primary Children's Hospital, so keep him in mind. Poor kid. He's been through so much. He was in the hospital when he was a month and a half old and in the NICU for 6 months. But hopefully this surgery will be the the ticket. He's got club feet and he hasn't been able to walk yet - not for lack of trying - but hopefully once he heals from this surgery he should be fine.

So I'm watching Tanis on Friday morning, so tonight, tomorrow afternoon and most of Saturday (I can't go home until Laura's sister in law comes down to bring Laura's girls to visit) will be free for the knitting. Sadly alone, but free nonetheless. I might wander around SLC and amuse myself. Expect pictures since I'll probably be really bored. When I'm bored I start noticing all the funny little things and taking pictures of them. I should have no problem finishing the Latvian Socks.

So have a lovely weekend! I probably won't have time (or net access) to blog until Monday.