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Thursday, October 13, 2005

In which I revive myself, come to my senses and die of shock AGAIN!

Thanks for all the lovely comments to yesterday's post. I'm used to not getting alot of feedback when I post things like that. I think them all the time, but I just hardly ever post them because I'm unsure of the response I'll get. Here at Mim's Place, it's all feet (and coverings for feet) ALL THE TIME! As you might have noticed, I've joined Lolly's Socktoberfest! YAY SOCKS to go along with YAY FEET!

Someone has made my Razor Shell Sock! And it looks LOVELY!! Lolly posted about her knitter/archivist friend Chelsea, who finished one, go see! I'm so excited! Someone actually knit my pattern!! Someone I've never even spoken to!

OK.. that was entirely too many exclaimation points for one paragraph.

I finished my niece's anklets (or footies as Tracey calls them). I ripped them out the day before yesterday because although they fit, they were just looking a bit wonky for my taste. Hannah won't mind... and Lu got in on the picture. I've been carrying him around with me today... I think I've been lonely or something. Look for Lu to be making a comeback in this blog. He'll brighten my winter.

She's got really long and skinny feet. But they're PINK so she'll love them until she dies.

With the anklets done and the new shawl design stalled (waiting on yarn from KnitPicks), I had to start something new. I've begun socks for my mother for Christmas. The last pair of socks I made for her she wore to threads, and they were stripey and PINK, so I'm SURE she'll love these.

It's the Latvian Sock from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush (I got her to sign that one too at the book signing last weekend). The yarn is Trekking XXL in what I believe is Color 77. I left the band at home in a pile of things to put away somewhere (ANYWHERE!).

I'm getting into a non-knitting crafting mood too, so look for some good stuff for sale soon. I'm thinking about making and selling double point cases kind of like the one in THIS post, but better and with ties instead of elastic hair things; and some sheepy stitch markers, and miniature book ornaments. Anybody know of a good free slideshow program? I've signed up for a flickr account, but I'm not sure if that's the best way.