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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not much knitting.....

There has not been much knitting. This is why.

Ouch... it hurts. It's certainly some sort of repetitive stress injury, but I'm not sure if it's carpal tunnel or not. But Yeesh! It hurts! Because I knit english style, I can still knit without flipping my right wrist, but it's a little slow going since the wrap makes my fingers a bit less nimble. Work hurts too since I generally stay all day at my desk on my computer. Bah.... I need a vacation, oh yes. More later, I suppose if I can actually make some progress.

Oh, and Kim asked a question in the comments of yesterday's post. Yes, the yarn is the Trekking. I like it. It's a little stiff feeling at first, but it washes up well (at least in my experience with other socks). I'll get some better pictures of the yarn so you can see the nice variations.