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Monday, October 17, 2005

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I only have time to type today (I type about 80 wpm, so it won't take long). I have pics of my Lativan Sock and some other stuff... and leaf pics for La (no time to link you lovie), but it will have to wait for tomorrow because I have a million training meetings to go to today. The university is switching over to a new "all encompassing" system that's supposed to solve everyone's problems, but really it just makes more and deeper seated problems come out.... anyway...


Friday: A funny Irish party, with lots of knitting on my part, and quite a few drunk-on-guinness people making drunken comments on knitting.
1. "What's that girl doing in the corner with all those sticks?!"
2. (when I'm clearly making a sock) "Is that a sweater?"

Saturday: Sleeping in late, lots of snuggling, kissing babies, and making and canning of Apple Pie Filling with my sister Laura.

Sunday: full of not-answering the phone, knitting, relaxing, movie watching and listening to jazz music being played.

Almost time to go to training... bah...