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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Disclaimer for Post

Hi... I cannot be held responsible for this post. I am drugged up and feeling like I'm about to pass out. My ears inexplicably sound like they're stuffed with cotton AND have bells in them. How is that even possible? The focus in my eyes changes every time I blink them, and my head suddenly feels very heavy.

I AM knitting. And here's photographic proof:

This is Drew's sock, and the front of the felted bag, and the beginnings of the back/flap piece. Modifications have been made, since I kind of miscalculated the amount of yarn that I had... but I think in the end I will like it alot.

I'd better shut up now before I start talking about how my fingers are tingling, and my ears feel cold now. And rambling on about how I can't feel my toes... Maybe a partial sick day is in order.