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Friday, October 28, 2005

*dancing happy*

Dudes! Adamas is up on KnitPicks' site! But it's "currently unavailable". Bridget said it should be up by the end of the week, so hopefully sometime today you can buy it. Kind of strange that they only have that picture though. No pic on a model.... *shrug*


*EDIT* It's up for purchase!
*EDIT II* It SAYS it's up for purchase, but it's really a lying sack of shit. You can't add it to your cart and there are no images if you click on "View Images"... *pout*
*EDIT III* It's really up this time... mostly I'm just dumb... but we'll ignore that fact.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Excuse me, where do I cash this in???

My blog is worth $17,500.74.
How much is your blog worth?

The Payoff

All is well with the world... so far at least. Drew's socks seem to be working out. I cast on 100 sts (I'm getting 9 spi in St. st on US 1's) and I've got 30 rows now, so I'm gonna start decreasing down toward the ankle. And Drew likes the stripeys too.

For those who asked *coughNanctheinquisitiveonecough* the yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel in Color 5050, purchased from Black Sheep Wool Co. in Salt Lake City, but available multiple places online. It's a little stiffer and squeakier than other superwash wool/nylon blends like Regia, but from playing with the cast on tail, it seems like it will soften after washing and perhaps bloom a bit. I guess we'll see.

And I've been kind of scatterbrained and unorganized lately, so if I've missed responding to your comment or something, don't hate me please, just kick me around a bit and ask your question again... or whatever...

Oh... and here's a knitting tip for today, that I actually learned from Anne.

Tip #1
When working ribbing (like on socks, or bottoms of sweaters, etc...) the first purl stitch of a rib (the one right after the last knit stitch from the previous rib) will sometimes be very loose. You can fix this by purling that first purl-after-switching stitch through the back loop. It's a bit finiky, but it twists the stitch and tightens it up. Just do that every few rows and it will cinch that stitch right up, giving you a still stretchy, but not loose ribbing. Voila!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good intentions

I finished Tanis' socks. Darn cute! I love how quickly they work up too.

Now, in the Christmas spirit I bought some yarn last weekend to make a pair of socks for my older brother, who lives in San Francisco.

So I IM'ed him this morning and asked him for his measurements. Crap. He's got massive calves and no tape measure. He gave me estimates, but I'm still really unsure about it. I know if I make him socks they'll need to be ribbed and then taper in at the ankle, but they're gonna have to be short since he wears size 11 shoes! Holy Monkey Lovin'! I may have to rip and re-rip these multiple times. Oh well... it's something to knit today during more boring training meetings.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nancy Asks: What's up next for the marvelous Mim?

*in 60's game show announcer voice* Well, I'm so glad you asked Nancy! *bling from the shiny white teeth blinds you all*

I've just finished the first of a new pair of socks for Tanis. The little bugger just GROWS LIKE A WEED! And he's already outgrown the first pair (which I never got a picture of).

AAAND, I'm working on a new shawl design. Here, like Icarus, is the shawl/swatch.

I haven't blocked it yet, and the pattern will be tweaked (the plain part will be larger, with the lace just edging the shawl and blending up into the solid bit), but C says it should be named "Seraphim". I think it fits. So Seraphim it is. His words were actually:
"Looks like angelic wings. Seraphim would be a good name probably.... or something to do with that word"

La has already offered to test knit, and she's order some yarn and everything, so that's taken care of. Just got to offer it to KnitPicks and see if they want it. If no, then I'll get my ass in gear and get my own site up for selling patterns. Anyone else want on board?


Monday, October 24, 2005

blahdiblahdiblah... can't come up with a title....

Aiden's surgery went really well! And thank you all muchly for the well wishes! The doctor used the words "textbook perfect" and Aiden was a bit pissed that he's having a hard time getting around, but he's not in much pain, and other than being kind of bored since he can't crawl around, he's doing very well.

Watching Tanis was kind of crazy though. He's very cute, but I wasn't his mother and he insisted on being held to sleep. Whenever I tried to put him down to... you know... eat... use the restroom, whatever... he made his objections known. Yes, I probably spoiled him and should have just let him cry, but Jeez! That's so hard! Babies are so cute and I just hate to hear them cry and see their faces get all scrunched up and red and all the wild flailing of limbs. But I was physically and mentally exhausted by Saturday evening when I got home. I had a meltdown on Saturday night along with an epiphany that's way too personal to share here, if you care to know, you can e-mail me and I'll probably tell you. But yeah... despite taking Sunday to care for myself and do a whole lot of nothing, I'm still feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Had one huge mug of tea this morning and I think I may need another 5 to get through the day. At least that will break up the monotony with constant bathroom breaks, right?

I did manage to finish the Latvian socks, and here they are in all their subtle stripey goodness.

My archless feet in too small socks (Mom is a size 7.5 and I'm 8.5)

Pattern: Latvian Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Trekking XXL, sock weight yarn in color 77 (I think).
Needles: US Size 1 clover bamboo dpns
Modifications: I took one repeat out of the leg as suggested in the pattern because I was worried about not having enough, but in the end it's better as my mother is short and has short legs. I also did use the provisional cast on instead of picking up stitches from a normal cast on for the picot edge. This is suggested in the pattern, but not until AFTER it tells you to cast on normally, work the whole edge AND pick up stitches from the cast on.
Verdict: I'm very happy with them. They're probably brighter than I would like to wear, but since they're for my mom, it's ok. I love the way the yarn subtley striped though. It's got alot of cool greens that are not very obvious in the skein. Size 1's made it a bit painful what with the wrist nastiness not having completely disipated, but all said and done, a very good knit! Good to have Socktoberfest to keep me on track too.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Socks to knit and not much else.

Well, after work I'm leaving for Salt Lake City, where I will watch this cute little guy.

That's Tanis, with my amazingly beautiful sister Laura in the background. Laura's nearly-2 year old Aiden is having surgery at Primary Children's Hospital, so keep him in mind. Poor kid. He's been through so much. He was in the hospital when he was a month and a half old and in the NICU for 6 months. But hopefully this surgery will be the the ticket. He's got club feet and he hasn't been able to walk yet - not for lack of trying - but hopefully once he heals from this surgery he should be fine.

So I'm watching Tanis on Friday morning, so tonight, tomorrow afternoon and most of Saturday (I can't go home until Laura's sister in law comes down to bring Laura's girls to visit) will be free for the knitting. Sadly alone, but free nonetheless. I might wander around SLC and amuse myself. Expect pictures since I'll probably be really bored. When I'm bored I start noticing all the funny little things and taking pictures of them. I should have no problem finishing the Latvian Socks.

So have a lovely weekend! I probably won't have time (or net access) to blog until Monday.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not much knitting.....

There has not been much knitting. This is why.

Ouch... it hurts. It's certainly some sort of repetitive stress injury, but I'm not sure if it's carpal tunnel or not. But Yeesh! It hurts! Because I knit english style, I can still knit without flipping my right wrist, but it's a little slow going since the wrap makes my fingers a bit less nimble. Work hurts too since I generally stay all day at my desk on my computer. Bah.... I need a vacation, oh yes. More later, I suppose if I can actually make some progress.

Oh, and Kim asked a question in the comments of yesterday's post. Yes, the yarn is the Trekking. I like it. It's a little stiff feeling at first, but it washes up well (at least in my experience with other socks). I'll get some better pictures of the yarn so you can see the nice variations.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Masochistic Art

This is entitled "Still Life Of A Finished Sock... Impaled"

The Post-Rheinbeck Fiber Orgy has me a little overwhelmed, so I'll post something more coherant tomorrow if work isn't drowning me by then. It seems to be feast or famine most of the time, and even though it's somewhere in between right now, I'm still feeling overwhelmed... and I'd rather be at home cleaning. Something is seriously wrong with me, I think. CLEANING?! I'D RATHER be CLEANING!!??? *blink* *shakes head*


Monday, October 17, 2005

Text only format

I only have time to type today (I type about 80 wpm, so it won't take long). I have pics of my Lativan Sock and some other stuff... and leaf pics for La (no time to link you lovie), but it will have to wait for tomorrow because I have a million training meetings to go to today. The university is switching over to a new "all encompassing" system that's supposed to solve everyone's problems, but really it just makes more and deeper seated problems come out.... anyway...


Friday: A funny Irish party, with lots of knitting on my part, and quite a few drunk-on-guinness people making drunken comments on knitting.
1. "What's that girl doing in the corner with all those sticks?!"
2. (when I'm clearly making a sock) "Is that a sweater?"

Saturday: Sleeping in late, lots of snuggling, kissing babies, and making and canning of Apple Pie Filling with my sister Laura.

Sunday: full of not-answering the phone, knitting, relaxing, movie watching and listening to jazz music being played.

Almost time to go to training... bah...


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Googled needs

Google “[your name] needs” and list the best. Yoinked from Isela and many others.

Miriam needs...

1- Miriam needs a death benefit.
2- Miriam needs an image makeover.
3- Miriam needs to figure this out.
4- Miriam needs an executive director who delivers.
5- Miriam needs $100. (Ain't that the truth!)
6- Miriam needs to know if you are going to attend.
7- Miriam needs to get off my girl cuz she's TAKEN!
8- Miriam needs to loose that irritating and wholly inappropriate giggle.
9- Miriam needs no such introduction.
10- Miriam needs to address her karma.
11- Miriam needs to find a new partner in bloodlust.
12- Miriam needs a moment to fully take in the scars.
13- Miriam needs 3 or 4 people to help her cook in the morning.
14- Miriam needs help with nearly all things concerning everyday life.
15- Miriam needs friends.

It's astonishing how many of these are so true. I'll leave you to guess which ones ;)

In which I revive myself, come to my senses and die of shock AGAIN!

Thanks for all the lovely comments to yesterday's post. I'm used to not getting alot of feedback when I post things like that. I think them all the time, but I just hardly ever post them because I'm unsure of the response I'll get. Here at Mim's Place, it's all feet (and coverings for feet) ALL THE TIME! As you might have noticed, I've joined Lolly's Socktoberfest! YAY SOCKS to go along with YAY FEET!

Someone has made my Razor Shell Sock! And it looks LOVELY!! Lolly posted about her knitter/archivist friend Chelsea, who finished one, go see! I'm so excited! Someone actually knit my pattern!! Someone I've never even spoken to!

OK.. that was entirely too many exclaimation points for one paragraph.

I finished my niece's anklets (or footies as Tracey calls them). I ripped them out the day before yesterday because although they fit, they were just looking a bit wonky for my taste. Hannah won't mind... and Lu got in on the picture. I've been carrying him around with me today... I think I've been lonely or something. Look for Lu to be making a comeback in this blog. He'll brighten my winter.

She's got really long and skinny feet. But they're PINK so she'll love them until she dies.

With the anklets done and the new shawl design stalled (waiting on yarn from KnitPicks), I had to start something new. I've begun socks for my mother for Christmas. The last pair of socks I made for her she wore to threads, and they were stripey and PINK, so I'm SURE she'll love these.

It's the Latvian Sock from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush (I got her to sign that one too at the book signing last weekend). The yarn is Trekking XXL in what I believe is Color 77. I left the band at home in a pile of things to put away somewhere (ANYWHERE!).

I'm getting into a non-knitting crafting mood too, so look for some good stuff for sale soon. I'm thinking about making and selling double point cases kind of like the one in THIS post, but better and with ties instead of elastic hair things; and some sheepy stitch markers, and miniature book ornaments. Anybody know of a good free slideshow program? I've signed up for a flickr account, but I'm not sure if that's the best way.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The "Feet" Thing

Feet = 94
Toes = 830 (some feet were in socks, so I didn't count their toes)
Paws = 21

I numbered entries as they came in from 1-41 and then using a random number generator, I came up with #24 that happens to be......

Cara from January One

I didn't get to finish the prize (last night was a knitting night instead), so I guess you'll find outwhat it is when it shows up ;) Congrats! And thanks everyone for playing!

Now to explain what's behind my love of feet. Some of you may be disappointed. :)

I like feet because they're amazing. Anatomically, our feet are perfectly balanced to hold all of our weight. If you didn't have a pinky toe, you'd just fall over if you tried to stand on tippy toe. It would be difficult to walk without all our toes. The way our feet move and bend allows us to walk. And with every step, we're just a split second away from landing flat on our faces.

I think my fascination with feet started with dancing. I started Ballet at the age of 10. I had always wanted to be a ballerina, I had taken long ribbons out of my mother's sewing box and wrapped them up to my thighs to look like a ballerina. Then I'd dance around the living room in a leotard to classical music. I was on toe shoes by 14, when I learned all the nifty things about balance and the shape of one's foot. The way one must align the ankle to shift the balance of weight from all 5 toes to one or two toes so that one doesn't break one's ankle. My feet, being an integral part of my dancer's life, were watched very carefully for signs of stress fractures, bruised bones, etc... I watched my feet change as my toe nails got shorter and shorter (you had to keep them clipped to the skin so you didn't rip them off in toe shoes, so they never got a chance to grow out), my arch got more muscular, and my toes began to loose feeling (I still can only feel pressure, but no pain in my left big toe, although that may have more to do with the 1.5" long splinter I got jammed in there).

During my "rebellious" teenage years I left the structure of ballet behind and moved on to modern dance (my true dancing love), where my feet were unfettered. I learned to manipulate my feet in strange ways to make the shape I envisioned. I learned that this was OK. I danced barefoot on a badly varnished wood stage, and my feet still bear the scars from floor burns.

I didn't wear my shoes to a religious scripture study class once in High School(I stuck them in my backpack), and the teacher told me I had to put them on. I replied with "Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy" (Joshua 5:15).

My feet are always rough and dirty on the bottoms because I just can't be bothered to put shoes on to walk to the mailbox or take out the trash, even in winter. There is a pile of shoes near my front door for this same reason. My feet walked me to school countless days so that I could get to college, and then they walked me to my college campus (I still don't have a license, so my feet take me pretty much everywhere). My feet walked me "down the aisle", my feet have given "airplane rides" to babies, my feet have taken barefoot midsummer night strolls where I've cried at the beauty of the Earth. My feet are my history, and so are yours. Seeing all your feet and the way in which you choose to present them has been like seeing an intimate, usually hidden part of you all. I see your history and your past in your feet.

Perhaps I'm a bit sentimental or maybe just weird (didn't we all know THAT already?), but hey, none of you HAD to post your feet. Really, I think I just overanalyze, and C would agree with me, I'm sure. But isn't the point of life to find joy in the little things?


New Shawl design and other ramblings

So the entries keep rolling in. I've updated the list in the last post. Again, if I missed you, please let me know. And you've got until midnight Mountain Standard Time tonight. I'm so excited that I've got so many entries! And in response to a couple questions, yes, I will be Sort Of explaining the foot thing. It's a little bit weird... but not fetishy by any means :)

I discovered my new favorite color. At least for today. The color of beautifully canned plums.

That's the canned plums in light syrup on the left and plum jam on the right. The colors of the raw plums were amazing and inspired me to want to handpaint some yarn. Deep winey purples and reds, and the warm browns of the pits, with just a tinge of red. Inspiring really.

Next weekend? Apples.

These beautiful McIntosh apples are sitting in a huge bin in my living room and making my whole house smell lovely! Best part of all? FREE! I got them for free and I've been encouraged to come back and pick as many as are left on the trees.


So yes, I DO have interesting knitting to report. I've joined Lolly's Socktoberfest! And I'm working on some anklets for my niece for her birthday (which sadly was 2 weeks ago... I'm a bad auntie), and I've swatched for some socks for my mom for Christmas. But mostly I've been working on a new shawl design and I'm fast running out of yarn.

This is another mini version of a finished shawl, just to show the whole thing instead of just small swatches, but one skein of the yarn is proving to be too little. Hopefully KnitPicks will want to send me another. I'm waiting to hear from them about that.


Monday, October 10, 2005

In which I die of shock.

Oh my sweet LORD! I almost had a heart attack checking my stats this morning! I had links from Almost Felted Lauren and Purls Before Swine Marcia! These are the FAMOUS knitbloggers! I think the only thing more heart stopping would be a link from the Harlot or Bonne Marie. Thank you, lovely LOVELY knitters who I've never met!

So here's the list of entries so far, if I've missed you, please leave me a comment so I will be sure to add you. You've got until tomorrow (Tuesday night) at midnight to enter. I'll post the winner (and the prize if I get it finished by then) on Wednesday.

Did I miss anyone? Please PLEASE let me know in the comments. I'd hate to miss you if you entered. There will be knitting and canning content tomorrow. Plums are done, apples to come next weekend, perhaps salsa this week.... and a new shawl design that hopefully knitpicks will pick up.

*edit* Thanks to all the newly signed up peeps too :)


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yay! Feet!

Entries are rolling in! I love this so much!

So far we've got Kassie's feet, Michelle's feet I *love* her tattoo! And check out Holly's contribution at Woolly Mutts! All her animal friends got in on the action!

Now some of you may be asking "Is Mim Knitting? What happened to the Frenzy?" Well... yes. I have been knitting... but I made the mistake of knitting a shawl for the 4th time. Take my word for it, 4 times is WAY more than one should ever knit an item, except perhaps something that comes in pairs like a sock.

I'm working on Adamas #4 (the pattern should be getting proofed at KnitPicks right now and it should come to me for final proofing soon). This one is for my nametwin friend who is flying me out to visit her in the spring. She won't let me pay for my ticket, so I'm making the shawl in exchange for the ticket. Since I've done it 3 times already I'm really bored with it. But it's almost done, just one more repeat and the 12 row edging. I need the needles to work on my next shawl design, so I'd better hurry up.

As other bloggers have mentioned, we've now got snow on the tops of the mountains here in Utah. So the score stands at Winter = 1, Me = 1. Sadly, I think winter will win. I did can some more stuff yesterday though.

It's corn relish. It's got corn, bell peppers (green and red), onions (red and white), celery, cider vinegar, sugar, salt, allspice and mustard seeds. It smelled really good - albeit vinegarry - while I was making it, so I think it will be good. Not sure what to do with it yet.

This weekend... plums. I have TONS of these plums picked from my sister's tree. They're small, but that makes them easier to pit with a cherry pitter. Some will be plum jam, some will be canned in a light syrup for baking in midwinter. Oh yes! I was *this* close to staying home today just to can.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One year.... Woah....

So, uh... yeah... today is my first blog-i-versary! It totally doesn't feel like it's been a year. I love this blog and I love the connections I've made with all of you in the process. I love that I've majorly increased my productivity because I've been inspired by all the awesome stuff you bloggers do. I've also knitted when I probably should have done some other things because I wanted to show some good progress "for the blog", but I can also see how my writing has improved, and I've gained a new sense of what I should and shouldn't make public ;). In the past year, I've designed so much more and offered some patterns here, and put my emotional health on the line and submitted designs for publication, and I know I wouldn't have had the courage to do it if not for this blog and you lovely readers. I've also received my first hate mail... which was quite amusing in the long term.

So in honor of such a momentous occasion, I want you all to post a picture of your feet. Yes, your feet. Don't ask how this connects, I'm strange and I like feet. I think they're very interesting. There is a prize involved, so here's mine.

Leave me a comment if you posted a pic so I can see them all! I'll close the contest one week from today, so you have until midnight on Tuesday, October 11 to post. Thanks :)